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Small Giants: Final Thoughts

August 28, 2007

Closeness. How close do you want to be? You know Acts 2 is typically the bell weather curve for churches. How often do people point to Acts 2 and say we want to be a church like that one.

In the end what if most of what we do insures that we won’t be that type of church? Does that bother us? What if the goals that we have set, the measurements for success we use actually keep us from being that church? I hear all the time the desire for revival and a movement of God but what if our very structure and goals keep God from really moving? What if we crush the Spirit because we won’t get close enough for the Spirit to truly move?

What would we do about that? What would we be willing to commit to, how close would we work to become? When I went into ministry I was told you shouldn’t get to close to the people. What were you told?

What keeps us from being close? Being legalistic? Being judgmental? Being lazy? Being selfish? IF we could identify the number one reason we avoid closeness what would we be willing to do to overcome it?

Last year Willow Creek had a conference called Acts 2 and one of the featured fellowships was based down the road in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Now we have a local and I want to say they are extremely kind and generous with their resources. I have gone to their worship service down in Tulsa and it was excellent. The music was great, the song selection some of my favorites. The message was well delivered though it was projected on a TV screen. I entered and exited without talking to a soul.

A man who went there told me that the nice thing about is that you don’t even have to go to get the great messages, everything is online.

I find certain irony in the fact that was invited to the Acts 2 conference to inspire others not because they don’t do cool things, they do, but because so little of the experience reminds me of Acts 2.

Someone asked me recently about our size and I have decided that my answer is we are the biggest in town. What are you willing to do to develop a culture of closeness that insures that instead of chasing after numbers you focus on people? We can’t afford not to redirect our measurement of success. If we grow big that is fine but it must be in the context of closeness not at its expense.

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  1. johndobbs permalink
    August 29, 2007 2:28 am

    Darin, I listen to the worship set podcast and it is awesome. It is also empty if there are no relationships being fostered. That’s not the easiest thing to do in these days.

  2. August 29, 2007 2:04 pm

    I agree. I don’t think it helps when we measure success by size.

    My view on this has really changed in the past few years. For me what you guys are doing is huge down in the gulf coast region.

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