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Charter for Compassion?

November 27, 2008

Love to get your thoughts on this site.

Good thing? Bad thing?

People really fascinate me. We think very highly of ourselves as if creating harmony on earth is the end all to be all.

First, a lot of people who disagree will have to be dealt with. Not sure that could be called compassion. Second, so everybody gets nicer, what will that do about half the other issues that people worry about?

In the end what fascinates me the most is the golden rule. Sure most world religions have some form of it. That really isn’t the issue. The issue is if the golden rule is true, and it seems these people agree that it is, where did it come from. Did we develop it on our own? With a website? Did some committee brew it up and indoctrinate everyone to such a degree that it became true?

No, if it is true, why is it true. This is what people like this don’t get. The question isn’t whether or not it is good or helpful or that it could make the world a better place, the question is if it is true who instilled it. Who narrated the story that it was true in? Who created the place with rules and laws and ideas that guaranteed that whether you are in Kazakhstan or Toledo it is true.

That is the problem. Not whether or not getting a lot of people to agree with it will help but will we acknowledge the writer and giver of the golden rule. Not only will we acknowledge the writer but will we believe in His son. That is the problem and no amount of golden rule groupies can get past that.

I’m all for everyone embracing that. I would love for everyone in the world to embrace Jesus Christ because if you really follow him you do some amazing things led by His Spirit. Instead of trying to create a new religion out of His values why not just embrace Him as Lord and Savior? What better time of year than Christmas?

Maybe I will drop them a line on that one. I can’t wait until the Charter for Compassion becomes intolerant of any who disagree with their methods. I can’t wait until they have their own brand of fundamentalists for their cause. Wonder what they will do then. Start another group? The Second Charter for Compassion? Latter Day Charter for Compassion? I fear by that time it will be to late.


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