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“Praying for You”

February 18, 2009

Have you ever said that to someone? “I will pray for you.” Have you ever done it right away so that you didn’t forget? Have you ever not prayed for them again until the next time you saw them? Walking up to them did you throw up a prayer on their behalf?

I know I have. I certainly did what I said I would do and yet something about it doesn’t seem right. I think I might have missed something.

Is our culture simply to modernistic, to fact based, to really embrace prayer? Maybe it would be more accurate to say am I to fact based or scientifically minded to truly embrace prayer.

I have had people say why pray. “If God is in control and He knows best why do I even have to bother?” A good question and while I can factually say why you should pray am I really any different?

How about you? How do you pray? Do you pray with conviction or just because? Do you talk to someone you know or do you talk like you have heard?

I ask because I was thinking about my family recently. Sixteen years ago I surrendered my life to Christ. I remember beginning to pray at that time for some of my family. One particular branch had gone a little off course. They were all very far from God. I got to thinking about the fact that the majority of them have given their life to Christ since then.

I used to pray that God would work on them. That God would pursue and push them. I got to thinking about the fact that He did. He has and I believe still is. One operates a Celebrate Recovery while another is heavily involved in the church.

Why don’t I pray more? Why don’t I pray with conviction when God has answered so much? When he has knocked on hard hearts until they couldn’t stand it anymore?

Later this year our church is joining One Prayer. Thousands of churches and believers united praying together. What should we ask for? Something big I would say. How should we ask? Going and coming? When we think about it or with a passion for God?

If your church is not involved with One Prayer let me recommend it and may I pray like I really mean it, like I believe it will make a difference, like I believe it is true.

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