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Merry Christmas

December 22, 2009

They tried. All of the people who believe it is some inalienable, God-given right to have more toys under the tree then you can shake a stick at.

They tried and they failed again. This past Sunday we loaded members of the church up who had friends with needs. We sent people out the door with gift cards and presents because even though we don’t have some kind of right to presents at Christmas it is nice and the attitude is good.

We opened up our C2 Clothes Closet for several emergencies. We assisted in making sure veterans had something useful for Christmas. We sent a check to Good Samaritan Health Services. The people who help us do the Medical Mission each month.

In the end even though I complain and grouse, they couldn’t kill my Christmas.

It is great to see churches helping people in need. It is good to see people motivated by the love of Jesus to love their neighbor.

I am also excited because more and more churches understand that Christmas isn’t enough. Presents aren’t enough and no matter what Jesus is the answer. He is the answer to Christmas and everyday.

God bless and may you experience peace this Christmas season.

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