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Community Impact Ministry: A Vaporizer

January 13, 2011

I received a call recently. A woman was told we might be able to help her with a vaporizer. She wondered if we had one we could give. I looked around my desk, just kidding, and let her know that I didn’t have one. I asked her about a couple of other options and she informed me they were the ones who suggested she call here.

I’m glad that people sent her our way. It reminds me that our community knows we help people when we can. They know we seek to be, the hands and feet of Jesus.

You know what else I love? That we could help. An email went out and within an hour I had three vaporizers. The woman has a small infant and the Doctor told her the child needed a vaporizer. They don’t have much but now they have a vaporizer.

What I appreciate even more is that when she came to receive the vaporizer she noticed we did job skills training. She talked about the struggle they had making ends meet. That most of her jobs are low income but she doesn’t have the computer skills to allow her to do anything else.

I love having the option to say we can do something more than just give a hand out. That we can help her so she doesn’t need to call anyone about a vaporizer again. I contacted one of our members who agreed to help and we scheduled her to come in and begin the process of learning Microsoft Office.

Would you mind praying for her? It is hard to move beyond where you are and what you know. Would you pray for our church that we continue to be there when people have a need? A place that people know to call?

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