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How do you like them apples?

August 8, 2012

Several weeks ago I was invited to participate in the Deltarado Day parade. No I wasn’t invited to be the Grand Marshall. They didn’t need someone to ride on a float. No, instead they needed someone to follow up the parade and shovel up horse manure. It was a great way to be in the parade and connect with the community while also serving the community.

I enlisted the aid of our son Nathan and he was a good sport about the work and very helpful. It really wasn’t that bad other than it seemed a few of the horses had, well how should I say this, the runs. It was kind of gross. I told our son we should have brought candy to throw out to the kids. He didn’t think that was such a great idea. Nathan didn’t think anyone wanted to get candy from guys who were just shoveling up horse poop.

Here is why I share this experience. Yesterday I took our daughters to enroll at the middle school. We went through the line. We filled out the forms and went to the front desk to pay. The woman who works there engaged me with the average pleasantries but then she said it.

“I saw you helping at the parade. That was pretty neat what you guys did.”

What a wonderful opportunity. What a statement about service in Christ. What a connection for further conversation. The door is open to take our talk to the next level. A chance to discuss spiritual matters. Hopefully a time to find out where she is in regards to Jesus.

You can’t go wrong serving others, do it to bring God glory and look for what He has planned.

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