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Adventures in Repairing Glasses

August 23, 2012

Monday morning I looked everywhere for my glasses. I couldn’t find them. I looked in the usual locations. Nothing. Finally found them in the living room on the ottoman. Don’t ask why they were there because I did remember why I left them there.

Anyway, so I put them on my face only to find out that they were bent. I know, nobody did it.

So I began a journey across Delta to have my glasses repaired. My first stop was the eyeglass shop at Walmart. I was told they did it for free and that is always a good price. When I arrived there were two women working there and one person getting glasses. Well it seems that two is to many because they told me they would be with me in a minute. Now either I have trouble with time or their one minute is more like ten.

I waited for a while. Looked at some sunglasses but I don’t wear sunglasses. Finally since I wasn’t going to be purchasing anything, maybe they sensed by looking at me that I wasn’t a real customer, I left to find a place that wasn’t so busy.

My next stop took me to another eyeglass shop in town. The sign on the door said they opened at 8:30 on Monday. I was in luck because it was a little after 9:00 so I parked in the rear and went around hoping that they wouldn’t charge me to repair my glasses. The door was locked. I gave it a good shake and looked at the time again. 8:30 a.m. Monday. I thought maybe I had the wrong day but since I preached the day before I was positive it was Monday.

At this point I began to think I was going to have bent glasses all day. Then I remembered one more shop on the main street. I wasn’t sure they did glasses because I only knew them as an optometrist. So I parked back at my office and walked to Morris Optical.

I walked in and sure enough they could help. I thought finally, I’m going to get this done. I handed them my glasses and began to look around the store. As I was looking at glasses I heard the words I and longed for all morning, “We have them fixed.”

Here is why I share this story. When I turned around I discovered that the employee was a woman who has been coming to our church the past two weeks. We had the opportunity to talk about and I found out where they were spiritually.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so frustrated. Clearly God had a plan. It was a good reminder that things aren’t always as they seem. At times a door is locked and one customer swamps a store for a better reason than glasses.

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