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One Year Later: Thoughts

November 12, 2012

They say anniversaries are a good time to reflect. We have lived in Delta, Colorado for a year. I absolutely love it. I thank God for bringing us here. I am amazed at His perfect plans. Does that mean the transition has been easy? No way. Does it mean there have not been issues? I wish. No, it means I rest in knowing we are following our Father’s will for our life.

It also reminds me that I loved our last fellowship. Recently I told a friend that it was my perfect church. It was the place I was allowed to shape everything I wanted a church to be. I think this shocked him. How could I leave my perfect church? It wasn’t my call.

It was all I dreamed a church should be. Focused on loving others. Impacting the community in positive ways. Being the hands and feet of Jesus. I was blessed to have a canvas to paint on. People who supported me as we touched people’s lives and brought them to Christ. We saw growth from year to year that showed us as a healthy fellowship. It just wasn’t where we were supposed to be long term.

So a year later I am thankful. I love living in Delta, Colorado. I plan to make this community our home for years to come Lord willing. Our fellowship is growing, even faster than the one before. We have nearly doubled in size in a year. We have people from the community and our youth group has seen increase.

Most of all for me I have been able to get into the community. When we arrived the Spirit impressed on my heart that my job was to get into the community and meet people. That my job was to minister to the town. Last week I had the chance to serve dinner to the football team. What an honor. After one year I would say I have been true to the Holy Spirits call.

This week I take time to pray for guidance on our second year. Would you please join me in prayer? Would you lift our family up? Would you pray for me that I follow the Spirit’s guidance? Would you pray we point people to Jesus and see fruit from our labors?

Thanks. It means more to me than you may ever know. God bless.

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