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Reminder: God is on it!

November 30, 2012

playHave you ever felt like maybe you dropped the ball? Well, maybe I should say when is the last time you felt like you dropped the ball? This past week our son Nathan performed in Romeo + Juliet. He did a great job, I am very proud of him. He worked very hard and did a great job.

The reminder came because of one of his cast mates. Recently one of them shared some of their struggles with him and he did the right thing and shared them with us. We got involved and reached out to this young person to see if we could do anything to help.

Nothing came of it and when I saw the person at the play I had that we dropped the ball feeling. We reached out and I had followed up with our son to ask how things were going, we tried to step in where needed but nothing came of it. I still couldn’t shake the “we dropped the ball” feeling.

It was at that point that God showed me He was on it. During the intermission I noticed one of my Pastor friends in the audience. I went up and we talked, I had not seen him for several weeks. After catching up I asked him what brought him to the play. You guessed it. The person we were concerned about had recently started attending his youth group. The individual was getting involved and my Pastor friend was aware of everything and was working to show this person the love of Christ.

God is on it. I sat there thinking I had blown it. This person was hurting and where were we? It wasn’t that we abandoned the individual. The person just wasn’t interested in our attempts to reach out. God was in control. We didn’t need to be that person. He had a better fit ready to go.

It was a good reminder for me. Be faithful. Show people the love of Christ when you can and trust God, He is on it.

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