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Thinking About: A Visitor

January 14, 2013


We have had a visitor the past two Sunday’s. He is not the only visitor, don’t get me wrong, he even brought a friend this past Sunday. He didn’t come for the incredible worship experience with lights and smoke and a really talented band. Why? If you are Church of Christ you know we don’t have any of those things. He didn’t come because he heard our children’s program was amazing.

He didn’t come because he heard the buzz that we were the newest, coolest, hippest place to worship God. He came because we have a breakfast each week for the homeless in the community. Nothing fancy. We might have eggs or pancakes but from time to time there we have nothing more than cold cereal.

You see he knows what it is like to be homeless. While he currently has a roof over his head it hasn’t always been that way. He liked a church that cared about people and would do something about it.

I like the fact that this is why we had a visitor the past few Sundays. I pray he continues to come and we can work together to bring God glory.

You need to decide what reason you would like to have a visitor at your church. If you want a visitor to come for the good show that is fine with me. I understand you can have the show and love and help others. I just know that for me I want it to be because we care about people. For me the only reason that works is because we love like Jesus.

I also think it is good to know what you and your church expect. I have ran into churches that want to attract more visitors but don’t understand themselves enough to know what type they will see. They want to draw people looking for a good show by showing the love of Christ or they want to draw people looking for a good show with one that for the area isn’t all that impressive. Know who you are enough to know who you are looking for.

Keep us in your prayers that we can love like Jesus and be a light that attracts others.

God bless.

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