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Steak & Eggs

February 14, 2013

skillet2Nothing fancy. Chicken-fried steak and some scrambled eggs. It was the breakfast for the homeless last week. I don’t usually do steak and eggs. In fact the first Thursday we had breakfast it was nothing but cold cereal and oatmeal.

That morning, my first morning with the group, one of the men joked that they usually were served steak and eggs. Last Thursday was his last meal with us for a while. Interestingly the man isn’t homeless anymore. He has found a place to live with a roommate. He still comes for breakfast each Thursday.

So why steak and eggs last week? Well he was going to be going to the county jail to serve 30 days. I could give you what I know but it really doesn’t matter. I don’t condone his behavior or some of his choices, but I did make him steak and eggs.

I wanted him to know that he matters and I care. That I remember what he jokingly said. He was surprised. I think we have to care about people. We seem at times to be worried more about the level of guilt, did he do it, instead of saying he probably did but who cares.

Our Wednesday night discussion has been about guilt and last week we looked at the women caught in adultery. Jesus question to those quick to judge was which one of you is going to cast the first stone. No stones in my hands last week. Just a skillet filled with chicken fried steak and some scrambled eggs.

It was a very good breakfast.

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