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The Parking Lot

April 11, 2013

parkinglotIt was the parking lot. That is what they told me Sunday. Well, they didn’t say that exactly. It isn’t a direct quote and it does need some explaining. This past Sunday we had several visitors to our fellowship. Four different families came and worshiped with us from the community and surrounding area.

When I met one of the couples they explained that they were searching for a fellowship. They were looking for a place to get connected to the body and worship God. That is when they told me it was the parking lot. That they had went to several churches and prayed in the parking lot seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit. They explained that they experienced a sense of peace in our parking lot and were drawn to worship with us this past Sunday.

I love that. I will take someone being drawn by God’s Holy Spirit any day of the week over someone coming because of our Kid’s Church or our worship style or you fill in the blank. I especially prefer that to we heard the preacher here is totally amazing and phenomenal and anointed by God. Well, if I’m telling the truth I probably would like that but I am also smart enough to know that isn’t really what I want.

God drawing people to our fellowship. I love that because we can’t take credit. We can’t explain it. I pray that it is because we are a safe place for those seeking God. I pray that it is because we are moving and doing and following and bringing glory to God. Maybe if churches spent more time worried about this than any gimmick or the latest how to do church book than maybe God would give the increase.

I’m not saying we will see them again but that doesn’t concern me, knowing God is drawing people here does, and I like that.

If you are thinking, that never happens at our fellowship, could that be telling you something? If people are showing up and you are not happy and content because you don’t like the song selections or something else maybe there is something you need to understand…

God bless.

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