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Back to School….I can’t wait

August 8, 2013

SONY DSCI am excited for school. Not because I can’t wait for my kids to get out of the house and back into the school routine. Not because I can’t wait for my kids to learn more. I can’t wait because when school opens in a small community the town opens. Summers are good but there is nothing like back to school. In our small community the heartbeat comes from school, Friday football games, school plays, fundraising, you name it and it is driven by school.

What is God directing you to do as school starts? How will you get it done? In what ways can you get into your schools?

If you follow me you know that I run with the Cross Country team, I serve lunch at the Garnet Mesa Elementary, I read with fourth graders and I tutor children after school on Tuesdays and I want more.

My personal opinion says we try too often to recreate what is already being done. We want “our” church to do something. I am actually going to the school to get involved in their programs. What do they already have going? Why do we need to recreate the wheel? In a smaller community everyone knows I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a local Pastor. It doesn’t have to be “my” church to give God glory.

I also took some time to talk to the Children’s Minister at Delta Christian Church about something they have going. Again, why should I work to recreate something or duplicate their effort if I can come along side and support what they are doing? It requires a kingdom vision but I believe scripture says we should.

You see I feel the Spirit calling me to do something with kids as we head back to school. I could wait and try to get volunteers but what if none of them have the same calling? I could look to move to another town where the church wants to work in this way but I feel strongly God has called me here. So do I point fingers and badger members trying to get something done or do I see efforts being made by people called and say how can I help?

Obviously you know what I think. How about you? A calling from God that you keep waiting for your church to embrace? Maybe it’s time to submit to a kingdom vision, maybe you just need to change how you look at what God wants you to do.

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