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Body Life: Habits

November 25, 2013


Do you have annoying habits?

No? Good for you.

I have trouble knowing since they aren’t annoying to me.

That is the problem with habits. They are so ingrained that they usually go unchallenged.

What bothers you? Probably some others persons ingrained habits that they are totally unaware of and that go unchallenged in their lives. At times they bother us only because they are different than our habits. I bet you would go so far as to say their habit is wrong even though it may be as minor as which direction you put the toilet paper on the holder.

Habits can wreck body life. Why? Because people insist on having their habits followed. I don’t care what the habit is. Three songs and a prayer. The time that you do announcements. All can be habits that if not followed cause body life friction. Am I saying that is a good thing? No not for a minute but I am saying you better learn to deal with habits first. You better educated your people and you better be ready for blow back.

So recently someone complained about how we do communion and yet if I changed the frequency of communion I would have an entirely different group upset with me. So what happens? Often the majorities habits reign supreme. Why is this unhealthy? You have a church that exists to please peoples preferences, their habits, instead of on what Christ is calling them to do. You will not grow as a Church of Christ because most peoples worship habits are very different than yours.

What do we think is the solution? Often times to trade habits. Hopefully you can see that you will be in the same boat. This isn’t a solution but a guarantee of more of the same as a new habit is guarded with the same vigor as the last one, just by a new group of people. The mindset is the problem. The belief by either side that their habit is most important or is the solution.

The solution is educating people on what the church is about, body life, and what habits are. Here is the thing, this can’t happen without discussing habits. If you don’t tell people they are protecting habits they will be oblivious. To tell them it is all about Jesus is great but they will think it is all about Jesus and the best way to be all about Jesus is to start worship services on time or whatever their cherished habit.

You also need to know it doesn’t matter if anyone agrees. If we are gong to get the church back to body life not everyone is going to want to follow along. Habits take time to form. The beauty is if you are willing to put in the time treating the church like a body will become the habit. I pray you have the strength, conviction and time to see it through.

Start with yourself, what church habits do you have? You need to be the first to give them up. I gave up instruments in worship, my preference, my habit, to work with others. Everyone has to give something up to have a healthy body. I’m praying for you.

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