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Body Life: Still Talking About Habits

December 4, 2013


Don’t be in a hurry.

Please, slow down.

It is going to take time.

Decide if you have the time.

I can’t leave habits yet. We tend to get in a hurry. We want to tell people what the Bible says and then get on with it. We want to tell everyone to focus on Jesus because that should be enough. This for me is where this all breaks down. We don’t have the patience to see this one point through. We want to point to scripture and Jesus and get on with the progress we envision.

The obvious problem, it is never going to happen until you deal with the habits.

The other problem with habits? We tend to focus on the ones we believe will be easy to change. We often focus on habits that have no bearing on body life. We think that adding instruments will do the trick. Habit changed. We don’t want to deal with the people aspect because that not only takes time but it often doesn’t go how we want it to go.

So when trying to reshape habits, remember you are not in control. This will help more than you will ever know. If you believe that preaching a four part message series on what the Church should look like will do the trick you have another thing coming. Think about it, many of these people are used to hearing something they should do every week. Those are a lot of to do’s to add to someones list. Give more, love more, be nice to your mother, wife kid, more…. Understand what I am trying to say?

Most people won’t have the patience. I don’t have the patience. The fact of the mater is I don’t get to choose. If God calls you to a task it isn’t really up to you.

You will need to put your big boy pants on and get ready for it. Am I saying that four weeks isn’t enough but sixteen should do the trick? Wish I could. I am saying preach it all of the time. Talk about it as it relates to every aspect of your church. Why does this help body life. Make it your focus and slow down. Take some time to deal with habits. Be respectful and resist the temptation to aim at easy to change habits that have no bearing on body life.

Everyone thinks they know just what a church needs to do to become vibrant and full of life again. The problem is they are wrong. So identify habits that are killing you and set a plan on how you will approach those bad habits. Then start to hit them. Hit them in announcements, in the welcome, in the bulletin, around the Lord’s Supper. Find allies in your church that will help move you forward. Finally allow God and the Holy Spirit to do the changing, you just be faithful to the vision. Make it about body life but please resist the temptation to skip past the habits of your church. If you can take the time……. you will be faithful to God and that should be enough.

So take a moment to sketch out the issues and how you can approach them in every aspect of your church. God bless.


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