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The Flowbee….

January 6, 2014

flowbee2Today I went to get my haircut. A very good haircut. It took a great deal of time to find my hairdresser but that is another story. No, the story I wanted to share was what we discussed. The Flowbee. It seems her grandfather recommended that she purchase one to do haircuts. This of course led to a discussion on all of the really good “AS SEEN ON TV” products over the years. Naturally right…..

Remember the Ginsu Knife? Huh, cut threw cans they did. Chop down a small forest and still be sharp enough to slice a tomato. I was taught at a very young age to doubt the promises of such products. Gimmicks. Junk.

What about that stuff you sprayed on your bald spot? GLH means Great Looking Hair….. Right. Watch the infomercial on YouTube, it is disturbing.

We discussed what I was told in my younger years. If any of that stuff is any good you will eventually be able to get it at Walmart and it won’t cost as much. No need to fall for the gimmicks.

So, why do we make Jesus a gimmick?

kellerI was struck when I returned to my office and began reading Timothy Keller’s King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus. Keller writes of his story of faith as well as others. Meeting Jesus, discovering who he was and is, and getting him. No gimmicks, no sales pitch, just Jesus. It reminded me of my Let’s Start Talking days. Go let people read about Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the work. No gimmicks. No Flowbees.

Keller tells of an article from Emile Cailliet entitled, “The Book That Understands Me.” He shares Cailliet’s search for meaning in life as an agnostic. Cailliet set about preparing a book that would “understand” him. He began compiling great quotes of philosphy from multiple sources. One day he went outside to sit under a tree and read this book he had compiled of all of these wonderful and insightful quotes. Keller shares that he became increasingly disappointed as he read. Finally his wife approached with their child carrying a Bible that a local minister had just given her on a walk. Cailliet opened to the Gospels and read into the night. He had finally found the book that understood him.

Such a beautiful story. Such a lack of gimmicks.

I pray for a gimmick free 2014……

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