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A Person…..

January 9, 2014


That is what you have to see. A person. If you evangelize for yourself or to make yourself feel more Christian or to look more Christian or because it is your Christian duty, you won’t see people. You will see numbers. They are all people with stories to tell.

One of my favorite Gospel stories is Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well. Why? Because he saw her as a person, warts and all. Multiple marriages and all. Multiple men and all. A social outcast in her village, going to get water so that she didn’t run into anyone. Jesus goes out of his way to make sure he is there at the well. Asking her for water. She is a person. A person with a name and a story and value to God.

People. When I sit down to eat breakfast with those coming from The Abraham Connection Shelter I want every one of them to know they are a person to me. They matter. They have a name and not a number. This is not a service I render to score holy points with God. To sit down at the table with them and learn about their lives is one of the best parts of my week.quote

We had a new visitor this past Tuesday. He was just passing through. When he got up to leave he thanked me for treating him like a person. Was he interested in the fact that Jesus sees so much more? Didn’t seem to be. Wasn’t interested in discussing spiritual matters. Allowed prayer but not because of commitment. That is his choice but mine was to see him as a person. A person with a name and a story, a person valued by his Creator.

So how about you? Do you see people? When you minister do they know that they are more than numbers? If you count your success by how many people you served you may have lost your way. Our church served X,Y and Z. We gave or served 800 or 400 with food or coats or you name it. Great, but did you see 800 or 400 people with names and stories and lives?

We had seven for breakfast at our table. Notice I said we. Seven people with individual stories. I can tell you about the one who just lost his apartment, the ones that moved back after being gone for several years and even the one whose daughter, because of circumstances beyond her control, had just had enough. Okay, not all pretty stories but they are people. They are their stories. Why not take some time this week to turn a number into a name?

Praise God Jesus did. What number do you think I was on the day I was redeemed? You? Ya, didn’t think so…..

God bless.

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  1. January 10, 2014 10:30 pm

    Saw this on a friend’s facebook and loved it. So true: this is the message of grace! God bless! 🙂

  2. January 12, 2014 1:19 pm

    thanks for stopping by, may God bless you as well.

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