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January 16, 2014


This past Tuesday we lost one of our homeless people. Well, we didn’t lose him, it was more like he lost his way coming from the Abraham Connection Shelter to our building for breakfast. It was his first night there.

Often times people give directions to our building by saying it is behind Taco Time. Everyone in Delta knows the location of Taco Time. It is one of those places. Well, that usually works, but if you are not familiar with the town you might get our facilities mixed up with First Assembly’s building around the corner.

Well when one of the homeless told me we should expect one more we waited. And we waited. At some point he looked at me and said he must be lost. I gave him directions. My homeless friend seemed resolved to the fact that he wasn’t going to make breakfast.search_quote

I didn’t think that was acceptable. So I said let’s go look. He gave me a look. I wasn’t sure if it was “are you serious?”,  “are you stupid?” or something else. It was cold and we were looking for someone I had never met but I thought how many people are going to be loitering about in Delta, Colorado at 6:00 a.m. on a Tuesday? Not many. Well from our search, not any.

We first went over to Delta First Assembly to look around their building. Then we went out behind Taco Time. No one. We searched around our building but in the end nothing. Did I mention it was really cold?

I was disappointed. But what hit me is the homeless people weren’t. The fact that I took some time to go look for their homeless friend seemed to matter a lot.

It is a difficult position that I find myself in at times. Upon our return I sat down and talked with the young man who accompanied me on the search. If I am truthful I would say as it relates to the topic of our discussion, I didn’t think was being straight with me. But who knows. I couldn’t help but think about the search that Jesus took looking for me. I certainly didn’t deserve that. That he put people in my way calling me home. That he was able to forgive my very sinful behavior.

No, I don’t have to judge the sincerity of heart of worthiness of assistance. A walk on a cold morning said more than enough to my homeless friends. You?

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