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Ding Dong….

January 22, 2014


Saturday my in-laws came over to watch Nathan play basketball. They stayed for dinner and some games afterwards. As we prepared to eat the doorbell rang. My wife and I looked at each other. The first thought was, did we forget we were having someone over tonight? If that had been the case it wouldn’t have been surprising.

But it wasn’t. No friends we had forgotten dinner plans with. Instead it was a young man. A young man who needed a ride.

How I know him really doesn’t matter. I like him. I wish he understood what Jesus was all about. He and his family did come to our fellowship for a time. I do see this young man almost weekly in my school volunteer work. What I liked is that he knew someone at our home would care. Care enough to give him a ride. He lives several miles out of town now. It was a bit of a drive but it was worth it.quote_kid

Worth it to let him know that Jesus cares. To ask him not to assume that he has accurate information on what being a Christ follower means. It took some time and we had the chance to catch up. When I got back home we had time to have that meal.

Last night we had the chance to watch the movie The Blind Side. I couldn’t help but think of how the movie ends. With the story of a young man gunned down and the obvious comparison in the story. The question of what might have been if this family hadn’t loved like Jesus. It is what it means to be like Christ. End of discussion. We make it about other stuff like the Pharisees, but that t doesn’t make it true.

A young man at our door that needed a ride. I don’t write this to brag, if I come across that way forgive me and tell me so I can stop writing. I’m just inspired, like the family in movie. Love like Jesus, it may put you in a car on a dark night because someone needs a ride.

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