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January 28, 2014


I don’t even know if I should say this. So many things swirl in my head after a breakfast. First, I discovered that I allow them to stay longer than the other places in the morning. I have to look into this and verify. I joked with my homeless friends that if I had known that I would have thrown them out sooner. We had a good laugh. Thankfully they understood I wasn’t serious. It also helped me understand why at times they seemed so anxious to leave. They were thinking don’t you want us to get out of here….

After breakfast this morning I just smiled. What a blessing. A blessing to interact with people. It is an interesting experience. At times I think it would make a really odd but funny sitcom. I mean I’m pretty sure the new gal was making a pass at one of the guys. She was talking to him and asked if he would like to walk her back to the shelter. She told him she wasn’t sure she would be able to find her way. When he said he wasn’t headed that direction another gentleman offered to lead the way. She informed him she didn’t need any help and that she knew exactly how to get back to the building.

I also had the chance to have spiritual conversations. To talk about God and Jesus Christ. What it means to be a follower. To find out where people are spiritually. We even threw a little end times discussion into the mix.

So when we were done today I just smiled. Smiled because the gal that usually gets mad at me, every week she is here I do something that upsets her, didn’t get angry with me at all. That for the first time this season I had to brew another pot of coffee. What were they doing with the coffee? That the guy who was on his third cup of Sunny D came back and got one more. What does he do with the Sunny D?quote_too

That they loved the homemade cinnamon rolls made by a beautiful woman connected to our church. That if they didn’t eat them they bagged them up for later. One guy wrapped up two to go. I was thankful because they left one for me.

Maybe I had too much fun. Maybe it made me smile a bit too much. And so I prayed. I too often think of what I do for these guys instead of what they do for me. What hit me is Jesus said it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. He didn’t say it was the poor and homeless who would have a hard time, and that got me to thinking. Maybe I have this all wrong. I feel pretty rich, how about you? Backwards indeed. Camel anyone?

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