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February 4, 2014


So I have two visitors in the basement today. I question the decision. Trey Morgan would know what to do. He would turn this into some inspirational story and the homeless would be traveling across the country and then we would eat lunch at Casa Bonita or something.

Then I realized I am questioning the decision way too much. How did I end up in this place? One of the homeless guys didn’t look good today. Looked a little under the weather. Not his normal self. So by the end of our breakfast there were only two homeless left. The rest had already gone and I looked at him and decided he should rest. Just sleep. Take the the morning to allow your body to fight.

They don’t eat well. The homeless man sleeping in the basement is the one who always takes lots of sugar. He tried to convince me that sugar is the most valuable of commodities because it gives you energy. Exactly. So I went to the store and purchased some V8 and Boost Complete Nutritional Drink. I only purchased the Boost because I happened to see a commercial about it last night and after watching it thought that looks like a drink that is really good for you. I suppose if Boost is sweet enough it won’t be a problem.

Here is the deal, you are thinking you said two visitors in the basement today. Yes there are two because there were two left when I made the offer to the one who was pale as a ghost. When I made the offer she asked if she could stay too. What was I going to say?

And so I’m sitting here thinking, was that a good idea? Will I regret this? Will everyone next week be “sick” and need to stay? Then I have to deal with the fact, am I doing this for love or because I can blog about it? Right, exactly.quote_boost

I think it is because I care. The guy is a mess. He won’t tell me about his family even though I know his parents are in the area. Some of what he does tell me I don’t believe. Does any of that matter? What is my goal? I think it is to get to know him better, to build trust in hopes of finding out where he is spiritually. I hope I am doing this for the right reasons because I have two guests in the basement today.

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