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February 10, 2014


So several weeks ago I told you about a friend who vanished. Left. Gone. No one was sure where she went. This past week I received some information that gives me some idea where she has gone, and that is when it all began.

The nagging. The tugging at my heart. The realization that we have to go. That it doesn’t matter where or when or how, just that we must go. We have to try and retrieve her.

It started as a question. I don’t even know how to explain it. I am reading the book A Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, given to me by a good friend. My struggle became, is this God calling or me reading. Then I started to think, does it matter? God can call by having me read.

The book talks about a relationship between a wealthy Fort Worth family and a homeless man. The story has too much to tell other than I am planning on getting a copy for my kids to read. Which brings us back to my missing friend. The gnaw started on Saturday. The book touches on Christians who help others to feel better about themselves. It also deals with Christians who show up a few times at a homeless shelter and vanish never to show up again.same_kind

I don’t want to be that kind of Christian. Hey I reached out and cared and had her over for dinner but since she vanished back across the mountains she is someone else’s problem. No I don’t want to be one of them. So the push began.

So Saturday night I warned my wife, I think I might need to go across the mountain to look for our friend.

Sunday it continued. A man and his wife who have joined our fellowship know the woman well. So I asked him Sunday because he knows her story much better than I. Should we go across the mountains to find her? Is that what she needs? Does she just need some time to sort things out? Is it better to leave her alone? I fear she has returned to an abusive relationship. It is all she knows.

He stood and thought about it. He didn’t think it was a good idea. No, she probably needs to figure things out on her own. You have to know her he said. Okay, good. I’m off the hook. I asked and he answered. No need to worry about it again. If anyone knows her this man does. Case closed. I tried. Jesus wins.

The problem was the gnawing didn’t end. The push didn’t stop. We had the man and his wife over for lunch along with a few others after worship. As he was leaving he told me he would do some checking to see if he could figure out where she was. I think he knows.

And so it is Monday and I cry in my office. It is no longer a gnawing or a pushing it is a full blown, yes you must go. No matter what anyone thinks you must go. This woman needs to know someone cares. Really cares. Not cares enough to have you over for dinner. That is nice caring, but it isn’t caring enough. Cared enough to listen to Def Lepperd when she came, but that still isn’t caring enough.


Cared enough to drive across the mountains and do whatever it takes kind of caring is all that will do.

And so I plan next week to travel. I hope to take my new friend from church who knows her and his way around the homeless. He will know where to look. Even so I could use your prayers. Please pray for us, that she knows where this love comes from and who it is who really cares.

Thank you, and God bless.

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