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February 12, 2014

SpicePlace.comI love instant oatmeal. Maybe I should be a little more specific. I love apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal. As a kid my mom would buy the Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety pack. You know the one I’m talking about. With Apple & Cinnamon, Maple & Brown Sugar, Cinnamon & Spice, and Original. I would eat the Apple & Cinnamon until there were none left and then abandon the box like some toxic waste dump until desperation pushed me to eat the others just so she would purchase a fresh box filled with some Apple & Cinnamon. A very long sentence but worth it, I think.

There is very little that is instant about ministry. Tuesday morning I thought about my love for instant as I banged on the door of the homeless shelter. I had received information that a volunteers at the homeless shelter might know the location of my new friend. Or at least give me a place to start the search.

So I was banging on the door in the cold thinking if this was a movie the door would have accidentally been left open this morning or someone would have came and opened the door just as I approached. That would make it much more instant. That somehow this entire exercise would have fit nicely into a one hour and thirty minute window when retold in story form, or three hours if you were doing it Lord of the Ring’s style.

quote_whoAnyway, I banged and banged and decided the volunteers inside must just think I am some unwashed homeless person irate or angry because they had to leave the shelter at 6:00. So I finally went around back. Wondering if I should just give up and try the phone. By the way I did try the phone but I am a total technology addict who thought I could just use my smartphone to Google the shelter for the number. For some reason my smartphone was acting pretty dumb and wouldn’t even open the web browser to begin a search to dial the phone.

So I found another door and started banging. Fortunately for whatever reason the banging on this door produced better results. In fact this banging brought me face to face with the person I was looking for.

And so I double checked sure she was the person I was looking for and then immediately went into an explanation of who I was looking for and could she help by giving me her number or location or something.

Her response, “Who are you?”

I guess I forgot that part. The part where I explained who I was and why I was looking for my friend. She comes from abuse and you have to be safe. After identifying myself we got down to the business of my friend.

I really can’t share the details. It is a sensitive situation, but I will say that we are making progress. I think the best part was when I identified myself to the woman at the shelter she let me know she knew who I was. You are “Preacher Man.” I think that even if I can’t get to her face to face she will know I cared enough to make sure.

So please keep praying, the search is on, it just may not wrap up as nicely or as instantly as I would like. It may not be worthy of a TV movie or a book but that doesn’t matter. I believe that my friend is getting that I really do care and that is more than enough for me.

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