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Phys Ed Teacher

February 25, 2014

basketballLooks like I might need some new business cards. I am going to be teaching basketball skills to some students at a local one-room school house. I wonder if this is how Bill Self got his start….. well I know it isn’t so, maybe John Wooden…..

Anyway, yesterday I was called and asked if I knew anything about basketball. I mean, do I know basketball? Well maybe not enough to teach it but certainly enough to play the game. To love the game. To jump at a chance to teach the game. Can you imagine a bunch of elementary kids learning the left-handed jump hook? Maybe not, but I am still thankful for the opportunity. A court full of baby “Cleves”…. Sorry if you didn’t go to school with me in St. John, Kansas that won’t make any sense at all.

How did this happen? I was open to the opportunity. I go past the school whenever I walk to work. When I do I feel this tug to go inside and volunteer. I finally answered the call. At the end of last year I stopped in and asked if they could use a hand. It took some time, some fits and starts, but yesterday I received the call.

So just call me Physical Education Instructor Darin Hamm. Cue the Harlem Globetrotter music and send me some YouTube videos on teaching kids the basics of basketball. I’m pretty sure we won’t be running full court or teaching them Phil Jackson’s triangle offense any time soon.

Remember, be open to the Spirit, you never know where He might lead. God bless.

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