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Watch What You Say

February 28, 2014

studyI am struggling today with what I said. I’m not sure if it was good or bad. One of the things you learn when dealing with people from all kinds of backgrounds is that their experience influences how they take what you say.

Today I was doing some volunteer work in the schools. There is a young man that I have known for years. I originally met him while serving lunch at Garnet Mesa Elementary. He is one of those kids that you make a connection with and so you keep track of them. Today I was asked to help him study for a test. He assured the teacher that he was ready. That he had been studying. That he didn’t need any more preparation. The teacher said we should go over the material to be safe.

It became very clear very fast that he wasn’t ready. After going over the material the teacher asked me if he was prepared. I told the teacher that he wasn’t. His face revealed immediately that I had broken his trust. That some bit of the relationship we had exited the room. That a safe person just revealed himself to be like everyone else.

He shared enough of his story that I guess I should have known. Should have understood. Reminded me that relationship trumps grades in my line of work. I understand where he is coming from. I didn’t think that my attempt to motivate him would backfire but I’m pretty sure it did. So I sit here wondering about what I said. Praying that I can repair the relationship. That I can be someone he trusts. Someone he knows that cares.

I guess I should have done a better job watching what I said.

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