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I Didn’t Want to Go

March 3, 2014

runningThat is the truth. This morning as the clock ticked ever closer to 10:30 I didn’t want to go. I don’t really know why, maybe I just didn’t feel like it. And yes you can say “feeeel” just like that since that is how I was saying the word when I typed it.

I don’t go every Monday. If I am busy or have something else scheduled I don’t read with the 4th Grade students in Mr. Magner’s class at Garnet Mesa Elementary. Today I didn’t have anything scheduled. I was working on my sermon for Sunday. I was planning out our Sunday morning messages up to Easter. Yes I do plan some. I also have a book I am reading for our Wednesday night Bible Study. I really wanted to read the book instead.

In the end I ignored my feeeeeelings and went anyway, and I am so glad that I did. Duty called. I never know who I will be reading with but today I had the chance to read with a young man that I really enjoy. We read an entire book together. That doesn’t usually happen. I quizzed him on what he read and he remembered the entire book. That was awesome. I was glad because I knew I could send him back to class with an opportunity to move one step closer to his AR goals.

I also had the opportunity to drop off some Nutter Butter cookies to the ladies working the front desk. I had mentioned that they missed them last week when I brought a box for the janitor and cooks. They were bummed so I decided to make a quick stop at Walmart to take their bummerness away (I know it’s not a word but I like it so there).

In the end the time I spent motivated me to go to Delta Middle School for lunch. Not bad for a day that started with me not feeling like going….

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