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are you a puddle jumper…….

April 9, 2014


I loved mud puddles. We lived in a very muddy place when I was a child. From the age of four until halfway through my fifth grade year I lived with my family in Neodesha, Kansas. A small community nestled where the Fall River and Verdigris River meet. The town gets its name from an Osage word meaning, “The-Water-Is-Smoky-With-Mud.” I kid you not. The rivers were muddy but so was the ground. No wonder it had so many mud puddles. They go with the name.

Getting muddy and messy was just part of life. Great adventures were always around the corner. We lived on the edge of town just down E. Oak Street. I was always told that if we lived just a few homes further we would be outside of the city limits. It was a great place to grow up. Surrounded by water. We had a pond near our home and it wasn’t far to the Verdigris River or Chetopa Creek. With all of that water there were also plenty of trees. And lots of mud.

I returned home many an evening covered from head to toe. I remember playing so late one night that by the time I returned home the family had already eaten and it was time to go to baseball practice. Needless to say I was a muddy mess that night. I never was much for baseball, mud was more fun.

Recently a close friend’s called me a puddle jumper. Actually a “radically” puddle jumper. I thought about it for awhile and I liked it. It made me think about the mud puddles of my youth. You couldn’t show me one that wasn’t worth getting into. One time my older brother Lane dared me to step into a muddle puddle in the field beside our home. I wouldn’t recommend doing that while wearing galoshes. Your mother may have to come and pull you out. She might even take a moment to insure she documents the event with a camera. Somewhere the photo does exist.

There is something carefree about puddle jumping. Something innocent and fun. There is a lace of concern with how one looks to others. Our world needs more puddle jumpers. Maybe that is what Jesus meant when he told his followers they need faith like a child. Maybe he wanted puddle jumpers. People of faith doing crazy things in His name for his glory. I thank my friend Bron for making me think about puddle jumping. I plan to jump in today. I can’t wait for the mess. Want to join me? My goal for the next few weeks is to add my puddle jumping adventurers to my blog. Pray for me that it goes well. The kingdom needs adventures, risk takers, those who are not afraid to get dirty in the puddles of life.

God bless.

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