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My School Challenge: Here We Go

August 25, 2014

Recently I received a Facebook message from a very good friend. It contained a challenge. My friend had seen my activity volunteering in schools and he wanted to up the ante. This is what Mike Couch, the Superintendent at Republic County School District USD 109 in Belleville, Kansas, had to say.

message: I think it is time you are challenged: How bout a post telling how you volunteered for recess duty! You would be a hero w/ the teachers! I love you being in the lunchroom. I what a perfect way to minister and just shine the light! You are doing so much for Christ in simply living Christ. I think you taught that lesson once. Thanks man.

So I accepted the challenge. I told Mike I would get right on it. Here in Delta schools started last Wednesday and so I gave them a few days to get settled in before I pounced. And pounced I did. I headed to Lincoln Elementary on Friday to see if they needed any volunteers on their playground. Recess volunteer at your service.

vestWhen I arrived at the front desk I explained to the helpful assistants that I wanted to see about volunteering to be a monitor on recess. It really is a strange request. I decided before I arrived to make sure and tell them that it was Mike Couch the Superintendent’s idea. Here is the cool part. The Principal Paul Rodriguez happened to be standing in the office at the time. As I shared the challenge he reacted immediately. He informed me that Lincoln Elementary was forming a volunteer group of men to help during recess.

So here I am wondering how this request will go and they are just waiting for someone like me to show up. I had to fill out some paperwork but once that is done I will officially be a recess monitor. So Mike Couch consider the challenge received and acted upon. I will keep you up to date on how it goes. I just hope I get an orange vest. You know I’m going to look good in an orange vest.

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