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My School Challenge: They were just asking.

October 9, 2014

playgroundThat is what she said. The she being the Assistant Principal at Lincoln Elementary School. I had waited patiently for the call. The one that would let me know I was approved to be a recess monitor at the school.

Since the phone call hadn’t taken place I took it upon myself to follow up. Or maybe it was the fact that my hairdresser, yes I have one of those, mentioned that she had been out for a walk the night before and ran into the Principal of Lincoln Elementary. That they had discussed the blood moon. And no she didn’t literally run into him. I know some of you were out there getting smart, just saying.

Long way to go, I get that, but the information in my opinion was necessary. So after my haircut, yes it looks really good, thanks for asking, I headed up to Lincoln Elementary to find out if I could volunteer for recess duty.

That is when it happened.When they sent me out on the playground to talk to Assistant Principal Tammy Shelton. I have known Ms. Shelton since our arrival here in Delta. She used to be at the Delta Middle School. I headed to the playground because the helpful gal at the front desk told me she would be able to let me know if there was a place for me on playground duty.

And so when I approached her to ask she smiled. She told me that I was needed for 3rd Grade recess. It seems that some of the 3rd grade boys were just asking if someone could come out and throw a football around with them. There you have it. Now you know why I had to give you all of the details. One semi-pro, okay scratch pro and add, what should I add, amateur. One Semi-Amateur Gospel Preacher quarterback spending lunch recess with a bunch of 3rd grade boys, no training required. And yes I get an orange vest. Perks of the job I know. I mean I was the quarterback for my 7th grade football team, that is until I broke my arm.

Tomorrow I begin the challenge inspired by my good friend Mike Couch. Recess duty at Lincoln Elementary School. Throwing the football around with a bunch of 3rd graders. Who knows what will come of this next step in my school challenge.

Pray for me, my arm, and those kids. They are loved deeply by their Maker and I want nothing more to reflect His image. God bless.

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