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SAFE isn’t SAFE: an introduction

January 22, 2015


It hit me as I watched the miniseries Band of Brothers. This was several years ago. Yes, I’m not that far behind…. In one episode they are attacking the city of Foy. Before the attack begins the commander of Easy Company Dick Winters, played by Damian Lewis, tells Lieutenant Dike to attack the town by moving the troops across the open field. His one order, keep them moving until they hit the town.

Unfortunately, Lieutenant Dike doesn’t follow Major Winters command and instead stops halfway across the field and regroups behind a haystack. This proves to be a disaster as the troops are picked off one by one. Throughout the scene the words “keep moving” are repeated by everyone involved in the attack.

And it always makes me think. Safe isn’t safe. What the Lieutenant thought was safe, a position behind a giant haystack, wasn’t safe at all. Stopping wasn’t the best way to keep others alive. The answer was motion and movement.

I wish we as followers of Jesus would remember this. Instead we build fortresses in attempts to stay safe. Safe isn’t safe. Then we abandon our positions when they come under attack. Safe isn’t safe. Unfortunately I think we suffer from a misunderstanding of the war we are in. Brothers and sisters in Christ, safe isn’t safe. You must keep moving. If you find yourself hunkered down hoping this will all blow over the war has already been won.

It’s time to hop out and get moving. The days grow shorter. If you want to safe you are going to have to move.

God bless.

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  1. Bill Hardman permalink
    January 27, 2015 3:57 am

    I just finished reading “The Blue Parakeet” by Scott McKnight. I think there are some similarities. Since this is an introduction, I’m looking forward to reading more.

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